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3 Smart Home Security Features Every Modern System Should Have

Security technology has certainly advanced over the last decade to the point that the old antiquated systems of the past can’t compare. Modern security technology is better and comes with mobile apps, the ability to manage home routines, and enhanced security to keep your family safer.

Today we are looking at three important features every modern home security system needs to protect what matters most to you.

Enhanced Security and Better Protection

Unfortunately, older security systems that relied on phone lines or a cable connection were easier for intruders to disable. Today’s smart security systems use a wireless cellular connection for communication that is dedicated to home security signaling and not shared with other services like your phone or TV.

This connection is always on even when your WiFi is down, or there’s a power outage, unlike traditional security systems without a dedicated wireless cellular connection.

 Control Your Security from Anywhere 

Older security systems could only be controlled manually inside your house, which means if you forgot to set the alarm, your home wasn’t protected. Modern systems come with mobile apps that allow you to control your system from anywhere that has internet. 

This allows you to see if you remembered to set the alarm and use your security system in many new ways. For instance, it’s the foundation of a smart home where you can adjust your thermostat, control your lights and security cameras, and more.

Did you forget to lock the front door? No, problem! Just lock it using the mobile app. Now you can guard your packages, see when the kids get home from school, and much more.

Get Customized Alerts

Customized alerts allow you to always be aware of what’s going on at home and only see the notifications you need to. Get alerts each time a specific camera takes a new clip or see what time the kids got home from school. Your system can even notify you when the garage door is left open so you can close it at the touch of a button in the app. 

And the nice thing is that your security system doesn’t even need to be armed to do any of this. These features are always working whether the system is armed or not.

If you want to learn how a smart home security system can protect your home and family, contact VGI Technology for more information.

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VGI Technology has been providing home and commercial security solutions to customers in Texas since 2002. VGI is a full-service security company that sells, installs, and monitors cutting-edge commercial and residential security systems with friendly customer service.

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