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Commercial Security

Commercial Security Systems San Angelo

Surveillance Systems

VGI Technology provides cutting-edge surveillance solutions that are designed and implemented with performance at its core. VGI is dedicated to learning, understanding and using the top technologies available in the security industry to make your surveillance system easier, smarter and more robust. Gone are the days of fuzzy images that are out of focus and never seem to work when you need them. We are partnered with top manufacturers in the world to provide the best solutions to fit your needs and budget. Let us prove that we are the best partner you can have in security.

Access Control Systems  

Access Control SystemsThe standard lock and key have been used to secure doors for centuries. Keys are inevitibly lost, stolen or copied and are time consuming, expensive and a hassle to re-key. They do not give you the ability to grant or deny access at any given time or day. Keys do not give you record of who unlocked a door or give you detailed searchable reports of what happened. 

Let us show you a better way to secure your facility or gate. VGI Technology can design, implement and even manage an electronic access control system to fit your needs. No more driving to the office to let someone in because you don't want to give them a key. No more re-keying your locks due to a lost or stolen key. A simple button press from anywhere in the world can revoke a users access to a door or unlock a door to let someone in. Todays world moves at a pace that requires greater flexibilty, information and security. Let us show you what your have been missing. 



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