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Does the Weather Affect Your Internet?

Rain, wind and other weather conditions can impact some of the most important parts of your daily routine. Is your internet performance one of them? It’s a simple question, but the answer can be complicated. Here are some of the factors involved when it comes to how the weather can affect your high speed internet in Texas.

Weather and Power Outages

Stormy weather, particularly when strong winds are involved, can lead to power outages in your community. This can prevent you from accessing the internet on your desktop device, as it relies on hardwired electrical power. However, a power outage should not affect your ability to connect to the internet on a mobile device. Meanwhile, a light rain is less likely to cause a power outage and therefore is less likely to prevent your ability to use a desktop.

Weather and Equipment

When satellite transmissions or 4G and 5G internet connections are involved, encountering atmospheric moisture in the weather can be problematic. But with a fixed wireless internet connection that relies on cellular towers, this is less likely to be an issue because cell towers are typically located below the cloud layer. If a cell tower is impacted by lightning, wind or rain, the interference may be out of an internet service provider’s control (i.e. upstream provider issues and tower climbing safety limitations).

Weather and Location

If your location is especially far from the cellular tower, there is a slight chance of losing a bar or two on your signal during rain. This is because water has a broad absorption spectrum, and a fixed wireless or wi-fi signal can be partially absorbed by the rain.

However, VGI Technology has proven to perform better than other high speed internet providers in rural and remote areas, even during inclement weather.

Requesting Support

If weather impacts your internet connection, we will do our best to address any equipment or service issues with our technicians. We are also committed to providing technical support as soon as possible. Our local, in-house, 24 hour tech support is reachable by phone at 325-223-3000. We encourage you to leave a voicemail after business hours, or submit a ticket directly from our support page. VGI Technology is committed to providing reliable high speed internet in Texas. To discuss our fixed wireless internet services, call us for more information.

About VGI Technology

VGI Technology is a full-service technology company offering a wide suite of security and access control hardware, along with fiber and wireless internet services for homes & businesses. Born as a local San Angelo business, VGI has grown to service the entire state of Texas while focusing primarily in the regions of Concho Valley, Permian Basin and Highland Lakes markets of San Angelo, Midland/Odessa, Big Lake, Eldorado, Sonora, Ballinger, Brownwood, Garden City, Sterling City, Mertzon, Eldorado, Marble Falls and Horseshoe Bay. Visit to inquire about service in your area.

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