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How Much Internet Speed Do You Need?

High speed internet is now considered a basic necessity in both residential and commercial environments. Unfortunately, FCC data shows that 19 million Americans still live without the threshold speeds needed to manage their homes and businesses. Others may technically have the speed required, but are dissatisfied with their internet speed experience — and of course, some users may not know how much internet speed they need at all.

As a leading provider of high speed internet in TX, we are often asked about the minimum speed thresholds needed to perform basic online functions. Here is an overview of how much internet speed you need for common online tasks, using the common indicator of megabits per second (Mbps).

Minimum Internet Speed for Browsing

In the context of internet use, browsing may refer to the act of going online without a specific goal or purpose in mind. In less evolved times, browsing often involved skimming whatever content presented itself without intent. But now, in the age of more customized content delivery based on search histories and cookie-created browser profiles, intention is not necessarily required in order for the user to consume content that is personally useful. Browsing is also increasingly done with a specific purpose, such as email use and social media management.

For these examples, the minimum internet speed required for browsing is 10 Mbps.

Minimum Internet Speed for Downloading and Uploading

Before addressing the minimum internet speed for downloading, let’s define the difference between downloading and uploading.

  • Downloading is the act of receiving data or a file from the internet to your device (a personal computer, smartphone or tablet). Common examples of downloading include purchasing a song on a music streaming service, or retrieving a PDF form from a website.
  • Uploading is the act of sending data or a file from your device to the internet. Common examples of uploading include sharing a photo on social media, or adding a PDF document to your company website.

The average home or business needs a minimum of 25 Mbps for common download actions including TV streaming, web conferencing and gaming. Uploading requires a minimum speed of 10 Mbps. However, higher internet speed can improve the experience of downloading and uploading alike.

Minimum and Maximum Internet Speed Offered

VGI Technology is a leading provider of high speed internet throughout TX. Our high speed internet service starts at speeds of 25 Mbps, and can go up to 400 Mbps in some areas. In rural locations, many of our customers report that we offer much faster speed than other internet service providers (ISPs) servicing their communities. To learn what kind of speed we can offer you, call VGI Technology today.

About VGI Technology

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