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Industrial & Oilfield Automation

Automating the Texas Oil & Gas Industry

A key aspect in maintaining efficient and streamlined production is knowing the environment at a glance. Real-time oilfield monitoring and automation tools allow companies to remotely manage and respond to changing conditions.

In addition to the ease of wireless automation, other benefits include lower labor costs, get more accurate readings, and provide a safer working environment.

VGI leverages all of its unique skill sets to provide our Oil & Gas customers with an unrivaled collection of services from complete site automation to remote video surveillance and access control systems connecting it all together with a world class network, customized per individual need. In addition to providing the best products available to our customers, we also provide consulting and field installation services.

VGI is one of the largest distributors of OleumTech Industrial Wireless Automation equipment.  Among other lines we carry include IDEC, Red Lion, WIKA, Cradlepoint, Xetawave and Antaira.

Gas pipeline operators have turned to OleumTech and its Wireless Solution to automatically collect and report corrosion prevention data and transmit data back to the central SCADA system via wireless RF network. These remote systems have traditionally been maintained by technicians going to a site to take readings and make adjustments. Consequently, the OleumTech wireless communication devices have replaced this expensive and time-consuming process and now allows for safer working environments and less labor costs.


Enabling Today’s Digital Texas Oilfield of Tomorrow

With today’s increased worldwide demand for energy, Oil and Gas companies throughout West Texas and the Permian Basin are turning to innovative technologies to face the challenges of operational goals.

As an operator, it’s your task to find creative and new ways to increase production levels, all the while complying with environmental regulations. Today, we have the ability to automate and control production sites all across Texas due to our technological advances in wireless communication and remote telemetry.

VGI Technology, along with the technology of OleumTech® Industrial Wireless Automation Solutions, enable a new age of digital oilfields with better, faster, and near real-time information to improve productivity, processes and regulatory compliance.

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Oil and Gas Applications

Tank Level Monitoring

High Level Alarm

Wellhead Automation

3-Phase Separator Monitoring

West Texas OleumTech Services

Flow Measurement

Temperature Monitoring

Valve/Pump Control

Plunger Lift/Artificial Lift Optimization

Thief Hatch Monitoring

RTU/EFM I/O Extensions

Cathodic Protection Monitoring

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Monitoring

Pump/Compressor Station Control System

Rectifier Voltage Monitoring

Pipeline Pressure and Valve Monitoring